Notes to applicants

  1. The information requested is required to process an application for a High Productivity Motor Vehicle Permit under the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016. Please refer to Factsheet 13g for additional information about high-productivity motor vehicles, or contact your specialist heavy vehicle certifier. Note that permits can be cancelled under section 5.6 of the rule, as detailed in Factsheet 13g.
  2. The Help & Information button will open a new tab that you can use as a reference when filling out this form.
  3. It is the Transport Service Licence holder identified in the windscreen of the towing vehicle who has the responsibility to operate within the regulatory requirements relating to SRT, Brake Code and other applicable vehicle ratings, as well as any other rules such as speed, RUC or log book hours.
  4. * Denotes mandatory field.

Postcodes are required for the ‘From’ and ‘To’ locations in the route description to enable a more accurate understanding of the route applied for. An example is shown below.

Help & Information

If travelling through more than one region, please select the originating region.

You will have automatic access to the approved full HPMV routes for the island you select.

Please provide the details of the additional routes you require

Please attach only information about routes you wish to travel on in addition to the approved full HPMV routes, or descriptions of specific short routes.

Valid file types include: jpeg, png, gif, bmp, pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx. Files cannot be larger than 20 MB.
If the total length is over 20m an Overlength permit is required.

Please fill out all the details for Unit

Please fill in the axle information for this unit

All numeric values should be to two decimal places. All mass values should be greater than or equal to 1000 kg and combined should equal the total mass applied for ( kg).

# Steering Axle* Axle Set* Axle Type* Tyre Size* Suspension Type* Track Outer (m)* Mass (kg)* Max Mass (kg)* Spacing from prev (m)*

Attach any necessary supporting documentation (up to 8 documents) Mandatory attachments: High Productivity Motor Vehicle Attributes Check from approved Heavy Vehicle Specialist Certifier; Pro-forma vehicle design diagram with dimensions added. Attachments required for certain applications: Additional route information (if required); Performance Based Standards report (non-proforma vehicles only); Route description if over pro-forma design total length (non-proforma vehicles only). Examples of additional supporting attachments include: Quality Plan; Trip Register; Truck Attribute Sheet;Trailer Attribute Sheet; Route Maps or Route Description.

Valid file types include: jpeg, png, gif, pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx. Total file size cannot be larger than 25 MB.

Existing Attachments

It is the permit holder’s responsibility to operate within the regulatory requirements relating to SRT, Brake Code, GVM/GCM, RUC, Load anchorage point ratings, draw beam / draw bar / 5th wheel mount rating, as well as any other conditions detailed in the permit or legislation. The NZ Transport Agency can revoke permits under Section 5.7 of the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule 2016 (Rule 41001).