Axle Number Axles are numbered from the front of the vehicle
Axle Type
S for single tyred axle T for twin tyred axle
4 for four tyred oscillating axle 8 for eight tyred oscillating axle
Axle Set type Enter the appropriate axle set from the following list:
(IN) Individual, (TS) Twin steer,(T) Tandem, (Tri) Tri-axle, (Q) Quad-axle.
Comments State if jib or counterweights are removed from a crane, etc. The comments area can also be used to provide additional helpful information like the previous Permit Number to be used as a base.
Certificate of Loading A document issued by a Certificate Of Fitness issuing authority e.g. VTNZ, on which is stated the maximum permissible loading.
Dolly pivot point See diagram below
Dolly width Distance to outside of tyres. If this can be varied, indicate the range of widths
Engine Power Rated engine power of the tractor unit after allowing for ancillaries (1 BHP = 0.75 kW)
GVM ( Gross Vehicle Mass ) – in the industry the term vehicle is used here but it relates to the term ‘unit’ as stated above. The GVM is the legal maximum load limit allowed for that unit ( as stated on the Certificate of Loading ).
GCM (Gross Combination Mass) means, for a vehicle that is permitted to tow another vehicle, the maximum permitted combined mass of the towing vehicle and any combination of attached trailers or vehicles, determined by the vehicle manufacturer and approved by the NZTA, or determined by the NZTA.
Load Description Description of indivisible load carried
Payload Weight The weight that will ( if necessary ) be transported / loaded onto the Vehicle
Suspension Type
A for Air Bag B for Walking Beam (may be in combination with leaf spring)
H for Hydraulic R for Wire Rope
L for Leaf Spring O for Other
D if on Drive Axle
Tractor pivot point See diagram below
Tractor width Distance outside to outside of tyres
Trailer deck height Height of the deck above the ground. If this can be varied, indicate the range of heights.
Trailer deck length Distance measured from base of gooseneck – see diagram
Trailer gooseneck position Distance from base of gooseneck to centre of leading axle on trailer – see diagram below.
Trailer gooseneck height Distance from deck of trailer to highest point on gooseneck.
Trailer width As for dolly width
TSL Number Transport Service Licence Number ( not required for crane companies).
Tyre Size State "standard" if smaller than 13.00-24 or 14.00-20
State tyre code designation for single specified standard tyres (eg 12.00-20)
State tyre size if equal to or larger than 13.00-24 or 14.00-20.
Vehicle For permit issuing purposes a ‘Vehicle’ is defined as the complete combination that the permit will be issued for. Different combinations of units (i.e. vehicle) will require a different permit.
Vehicle TARE For vehicle in operating condition ie with full fuel tank and normal running gear. For air bag axles, the value required is the tare at zero bag pressure.
Unit For permit issuing purposes a ‘Unit’ is defined as something that can be used singularly or in conjunction with other Units to make an overall vehicle.

Explanation of Terms Used